Organization supplies of primary aluminum from Russia.
Marinesco is ready to organize supplies of primary aluminum A7 (99,70%) in the required for your company volumes. On behalf of our seller company, we confirm and certify that our seller have the intention and capability to supply the commodity according to the terms and conditions.
Possible delivery basis:
CIF basis Port
DAP Brest-Severny (Belarus)
FOB Novorossiysk (Russia)
FOB St. Petersburg (Russia)
FOB Vladivostok (Russia)
High quality of aluminium is equivalent to standards:
A7 (GOST 11069-2001)
EN AW-1070A (EN 573-3-94)
1070, 1070А (The Aluminum Association)
Chemical сomposition (%):
Al, min — 99,70
Si, max — 0,15
Fe, max — 0,16
Cu, max — 0,01
Mn, max — 0,03
Mg, max — 0,02
Zn, max — 0,04
Ga, max — 0,03
Ti, max — 0,01
Other impurities (individually), max — 0,02
Also supply other metals - zinc, copper, nickel and others.

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